Friday, April 27, 2007

A Typical Nigerian Scam!!

I am so sick and tired of receiving these emails. Don't these people have anything better to do. I am NOT a mugu and have no interest in a romance with a man who lives 5,505 miles away from me. I WILL NOT send you money!! I DO NOT have any relatives on that side of the world. I WILL NOT let you send purchased items to me and have me ship them to you. You are ALL con artists and I am so sick of you. Dateline NBC did a program on these Nigerian scammers, Dr. Phil did a brief segment on it, Oprah also did a show on the current scams and featured victims of internet fraud.

Here is the latest email I received. It really makes me laugh how they try so hard to personalize the email. I'd go through and point out the corrections, but I don't need to give them any pointers on how to improve their scam. GRRRRRRRRR If you have any sort of intelligence, whatsoever, you'll be able to dissect this yourself. I must give them a little credit though, because I think they must use spell check for the most part. LOLOL I think the part that really made me chuckle was the "Mr. Brain Lane" lmao

Dear Lane,

Please I wish to humbly solicit for your assistance and business know-how to actualise this transaction. I am a regional bank manager of a bank in the West African region (name of the bank withheld for obvious reasons) and I have a business proposition below which I will like you to go through carefully, make up your mind and give me an urgent reply if you are satisfied to transact with me.

In the year 2005, a businessman (Mr.Brain Lane) made a Fixed Deposit of US$12,060,000.00 (Twelve Million and Sixty Thousand United States Dollars) in my branch office. Unfortunately before the maturity date he passed on after a brief illness and since then this fund US$12,060,000.00 have been in the bank under my watchful eyes as the account officer of the account and the interest is being rolled over with the principal sum at the end of each year. Up until this time that I am writing this to you, no one has ever come forward to put up a claim due to the man's childlessness/relation to stand-in as his next-of-kin and he did not indicate thus in his bank deposit form.

My writing you therefore, is to solicit and propose that you stand-in as his next of kin or a co-investor being a foreigner to claim this fund ($12.060m), such that this fund does not revert to the government as custodian of such funds in the event that nobody applies to claim it within the next six months or thereabout.

Upon your willingness to transact, we could discuss in advance our relationship regarding the compensatory aspect of the business, which will now lead to me providing more detail information regarding the transaction to you, to enable you have a clearer picture.

Thank you for reading through while I await your return mail please.

My regards,

R. Peter



Blogger Angela said...

I get these things all the time too!? Hate em', can't stand them, and I wish they would go away. Sadly, people actually fall for these scams which is why they still send them out.

Sat Apr 28, 04:54:00 PM  
Blogger Luanne said...

I'll bet you do!! The more we're on the internet and leave our "mark" the more who find us. Bad part is it seems most of them don't even land in the bulk folder and it's only certain email's which seem to get inundated with them. Go figure?

Sat Apr 28, 05:01:00 PM  

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