Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tattoo at 14? Too Young?

My son is now interested in getting a tattoo at the age of 14. I personally am not jazzed about this idea, but he's so sure that it's the right thing to do to his body. I don't agree at all, however not agreeing is NOT a first. I'm looking forward to the day when my son agrees with me, but I digress *chuckling*

So, we go on vacation right before Christmas and my son sees a sign for tattoos in the Bayside Market Place (aka: shopping mall) in Miami and of course, he just has to have a tattoo, RIGHT NOW!!. He claims that everyone else in school (those damn Jones'!!!) is getting one and of course, he thinks he's entitled. Ah, the good ole I'm entitled strikes again!! OK, so thank goodness they were henna tattoos, because you know, he knows everything there is to know about tattoos at 14 *healthy roll of the eyes again* and he wants his to be PERMANENT because he just knows that an armband would be something he wants to live with for life! I have such a SMART kid. (note sarcasm)

OK, so the tattoo topic was shelved until we got back from our cruise and we decided to drive around Tampa, waiting for our cheaper flight to return home. My son begged and begged and begged for a tattoo. I said, we'll look into it and I kept my promise. I looked through the yellow pages because I couldn't think of anyone I knew in Tampa who might be savvy about tattoo artist recommendations, so I went with my gut instinct on finding someone who had a decent business vs. a hole in the wall (mind you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a hole in the wall). I personally don't know much about tattoos, except for the needle thing needs to be clean and that it hurts like hell. So, we find what seemed to be an upstanding tattoo place because they had paid for a huge ad in the Tampa yellow pages (my logic, if they can afford a big ad, they must be good) What do I know?? That's the way I do things *shrugging my shoulders* lol. We walked in, they were super friendly guys (wish I could think of their name now) and seemed to be very knowledgeable about their craft. The one fellow asked if they could help and I told them that my son would like an armband, how much would it cost (that's ALWAYS an issue for me) and his response was "How old is he?". I said, "Oh, he's 14." The guy replied with, "Sorry, we won't do tattoos for anyone under 18." I secretly mouthed to him "THANK YOU!!!" *wink* and then of course, my ALL KNOWING son says, "Well, all my friends have one!!" (the damn Jones' strike again!!). UGH, I can't win, so we left there and my son was PISSED!!! He wasn't mad at me, (even though I felt like he was), but just at that "professional" tattoo artists opinion, but of course, in my son's opinion, the guy didn't know anything!! The point made was that my son at 14 is still growing and they also admitted that they regretted having gotten tattoos at such a young age as well. Exactly my points I had tried to impress upon my son too. Thank you guys! So needless to say, I've been able to avoid the tattoo topic for awhile. He wants everything, but what kid doesn't.

So, what do you think? Should a 14 year old get a tattoo?

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Anonymous Angela said...

I don't think a 14 year old should get a tattoo. Especially if it's just a fad going on through the school. It's kinda like the 80's big hair. I look back at my pictures wonderring what the hell I was thinking!?

If he really wants a tattoo bad enough then he will still want it when he's 18 and old enough to pay for it himself. Right? Otherwise, he can look back and say, "Gee Mom - what were you thinking letting me get a tattoo at age 14." At least this way he can make his own decisions when it comes to something so final and have himself to blame instead of dear ol' Mom. :-)

Sun Jan 21, 03:07:00 PM  
Blogger Luanne said...

I totally agree. God forbid if you even hint that you might be considering allowing a 14 year old to go through with it though, because then it turns into, but MOM, you told me I could!!! You try to be diplomatic, but I'm finding you just can't be diplomatic with a 14 year old lol. So far, since that day, he hasn't mentioned it again. I'm sure when his 15th birthday rolls around, I'll hear about it lol. Maybe I can talk him into a new MP3 player or an IPOD, but dang, those IPOD's are super pricey too. What's a mom to do.

Sun Jan 21, 03:45:00 PM  

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