Saturday, October 07, 2006

We Lost George Tonight

This is such a sad day for me and I'm just not sure where to start. Have you ever met someone and you immediately make a connection, you just have this bond of friendship that the two of you can not ignore. It's not a sexual connection, but more like a brother and sister, best friends who didn't have enough time to really be able to nurture that friendship for as long as we would have enjoyed. That makes me sad.

Tonight, I lost my very dear friend George Lee. He was in a motorcycle accident on Thursday night, September 21, 2006, headed towards Eldred, PA. I had seen him earlier that night at the Two Mile Inn in Port Allegany. He was out and about, having dinner and a few drinks. I got three hugs from him that night and I just wonder why? Did he know something or was God preparing him to say goodbye and we just didn't know it? From that night, I remember that this was the first time he had ever officially met my friend Dawn, in fact it was her son Josh's birthday and the first time Josh had ever met George either. George kept fussin' about his fish not being cooked. Just ask Hartle. He had to take it back to zap it and even then it still wasn't cooked just right. Apparently, George really knew his fish and apparently was a good cook himself. I can still see him setting at the end of the table, poking at that fish saying "look how rubbery it is". I can't eat this!!! It's NOT cooked.

George always greeted me with a warm hug and that friendly smile. He was only 39 and left his daughter without her dad. I know that was not his intention, because he loved her so much. He absolutely adored his daughter. George always wanted to have more babies. That's all he ever talked about, his daughter, his job and wanting to meet a woman, younger than him, who would want to have more of his babies. He hadn't met her yet and he felt that his life was just starting over again. He shared custody of his daughter with her mother. I had met both he and his ex-wife on Valentine's night, 2003 at Mo's in Port Allegany. It was a wonderful evening, filled with laughter. He never forgot that night, nor did I. We had such an instant connection the first time we met. He always commented to me how he felt that same connection, we couldn't explain it, it was just there. He was a great friend and I will miss him. I still can't believe he's gone. He was so full of life. Can I say that George was filled with "piss and vinegar"? That would be George, always with a twinkle in his eye and he always looked like he was up to no good, in a good way of course. One thing for sure, he always had a smile and a hug for me, without fail, no matter who else was around.

I will miss his happy go lucky attitude, the love of his daughter and the wonderful connection that he and I shared as friends. This all really sucks. I'm thankful for the fun times hanging out and sharing laughter with George. You know what I keep thinking about is his email address: "livetoride" I wonder if while laying in an induced coma for two weeks, if he finally gave up with living because maybe he knew that, due to his head and chest injuries that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't be able to "ride" again and I think that would have killed him spiritually if he couldn't do that. This man loved his Harley, I would dare to say, second to his daughter. I understand he had a dog as well and I'm sure the dog rated up right up there. I don't know, it's so hard to say what people feel and think when they're in that situation. Are they aware? I think he probably lived a full and wonderful, yet short life, with hard times like the rest of us, but he always made the best of it. This is a tribute to my friend. I will go to his funeral, to let his family know how important he was to me and that he will be missed.

Below is the news article which gives details about his accident and his obituary below that:

A Port Allegany motorcyclist was hurt in a mishap taking place late last night on Route 155 just south of Route 446 in Eldred Township Troopers said George Lee was headed north at about 11:00 p.m. when his Harley Davidson failed to negotiate a curve and struck a road sign, before sliding to a stop along the western berm. Lee was taken to Olean General Hospital by Eldred volunteer ambulance. (Source)

George J. Lee

Published: Sunday, October 8, 2006 11:58 PM CDT
BUFFALO George J. Lee, 39, of Port Allegany, Pa., died Friday, Oct. 6, 2006, at the Erie County Medical Center.

He was an engineer.

Survivors include his mother Catherine Lee of Genesee Pa.; father, George C. Lee of Genesee Pa.; a daughter, Taylor Kaye Lee of Port Allegany, Pa.; a sister, Karen Fox of Port Allegany, Pa.; a brother, Stephen Lee of Lititz, Pa.

Calling hours are 7-9 p.m. Wednesday at Olney Funeral Home & Cremation Service.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 a.m. Thursday at St. Eulalia Catholic Church.


George, I will miss you.



Blogger tee said... word or words can express my sadness of the loss of a great friend! he was an amazing man... and will be very deeply missed! tee

Sat Oct 14, 10:53:00 AM  
Blogger Luanne said...

I agree girl. He was a wonderful human being. He would want us to keep smiling though, for sure. Hugs Tee

Sat Oct 14, 07:35:00 PM  
Anonymous the one who knew him well said...

Glad all these woman thought he was so wonderful - he cheated on his wife many times - put twelve stitches in eye (all in front of his daughter) did drugs (thats why his good friend was Jim Bruzzi), drank ALOT, lets see - while he was seeing Tina he was seeing Tammy while he was seeing Tammy he was with Holly, when he was will both Tammy and Holly, he was seeing Julie Moon, while seeing Julie Moon he was seeing Lori from Moscha's, and he ended up getting back with Holly.

The mental abuse he caused my family and friends was horrible. Just so the truth is told - he never told the truth and that is why he sits where he sits today. His drinking, drugs, and lies were more important to him than his daughter. God has a way of making your actions catch up with you and this is why he is where he is.

I am glad you got to know the George that was the "nice" George - we did have some good times. He had a very evil side too. He knew how to say and do the right things - I just wish he knew how to do it all the time.

If you speak to the people that really knew him - you would have seen that "other side" - his ex-girlfriend did (one of them) and that is why she put an Order of Protection against him just before he died.

Thu Nov 16, 10:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Family member said...

Thank god George couldn't reproduce more kids. His wife could not have children - she went through in-vitro and many surgerys just to have Taylor. He used peoples emotions with tellig people he wanted more kids so they would feel sorry for him.
Every story he told of his past - was a story - he blamed others for his own faults - wanted people to feel sorry for him constantly - and would taunt and harass those that did not agree with his values. I am sad that he has died. Wouldn't wish that on anyone - but he was on a roller coaster ride that sooner or later was going to lead to this b/c he was out of control. Lots of you don't know he had an arrest warrant in Virginia for abusing his wife (which she want back to him after), had an arrest in Olean, NY for harassing his ex-wife with Taylor right there, had a ticket in Shinglehouse for Public Intoxication, AND his ex-girlfriend of the last 10 months was taking him to court for an Order of Protection.

I've known him for 15 years - he used to be a great guy - but this is what drugs and alcohol do to you.

Thu Nov 16, 12:46:00 PM  
Blogger Luanne said...

I'm sorry that you felt the need to share your hatred of George on my blog, but we sure do live in the good ole USA so, I guess I'll allow you that right. I know there were many things I probably didn't know about George, and I do believe that there are always two sides to every story, so I'll leave it at that. I'm still proud to call him my friend. It's neither here nor there at this point anyway. What's done is done. I will continue to believe that George was a good person, no matter what you may say, because he is no longer here to defend himself.

I wish the very best for Taylor, because he did love her very much and that's the memory which I will hold on to.

I'm sorry you are holding on to such bitter thoughts in regard to George. You need to forgive him and move forward. I'm sure that in your heart of hearts you are hurting too, but please, whatever you do, please do not take this out on Taylor. She is a victim in all of this sadness and I truly hope that you will give her the love and support that she needs right now. She loved her daddy and I hope that her love of him does not get destroyed by your disappointments with him. George was a very intelligent man and had alot going for him, I do believe that. I am deeply saddened by the events which took place and will never forget the way he treated me as a friend. I will cherish that forever.

I'm disappointed for Taylor, that she was pulled from her school friends so soon after all of this happened. I understand that it may have been an "inconvenience" for her mother, to keep trekking her back and forth to her familiar memories and happy places/times to help soften the blow at the loss of her dad. I fear that too many changes happening all too soon, could be devastating for her in the long run. I know it's probably "none of my damn business", but this is how I feel. My heart goes out to that little girl and again, I hope you can find it in your heart to speak good of George in Taylor's presence. I believe he deserves that much respect for her and her memories. She deserves it too, because after all, he was HER Dad.

I hope that you can remember the good times that you shared with George and just let this go and do right by Taylor. I wish peace for you and your family.

I'm thinking that at least one of these posters (if not both) is George's ex-wife. We have met and also got along wonderfully or at least I thought we did :-) I'm still the same fun person :-) and I truly do wish you well. I'm sorry for your loss and hope that things improve for you and Taylor. Of course, if I'm totally off base in my assumption, please pass along my wishes for peace to both Kim & Taylor.



Thu Nov 16, 07:02:00 PM  
Anonymous the one who knew him well said...

No, this is just a good friend speaking for his ex-wife. Taylors mother didn't just take Taylor from her school and friends - Taylor did not want to go back.

Her mother gave her a choice. Taylor chose to go to Portville sooner knowing she was going to go there in 2007-2008 school year. Alot of you do not know that Taylor is related to a lot of people in Portville. In fact four of the teachers in Portville are her second cousins, and she has numerous cousins in elementary - Her mother is related to practically the whole town. so she welcomed being with her family during these rough times. If you talk to anyone who has spoken to Taylor you will notice a calmness in her voice you haven't heard in a long time. Almost relief - she went through hell with her parents divorce - her dad yanking her out of a car in front of her and getting arrested for it, the constant different woman in Georges life, telling Taylor his mother never wanted her and that he had to beg her mom to have her... from Taylors own mouth.

She does love her dad and always will. In fact I saw her mother making a memory book with her about her dad just recently.

I will just add - I am glad you saw the good side of george - and he isn't here to defend himself. A lot of us couldn't speak out before for fear of him and his actions. (he harassed Heather Kio and Cheryl Brown for months when she helped his wife out)and others in olean/portville.

Just a little note: when george had his accident - the first police officer on the scene recognized George - and you know who he informed first? Cheryl Brown b/c he remembered going to Heathers house for 2 different harassments charges that George caused and he didn't know where his sister lived. Cheryl had to inform the cops where his family lived and numbers.

Fri Nov 17, 11:48:00 AM  
Anonymous the one who knew him well said...

I will sign off now... I apologize for using your blog to share my feeligs - we just (as family and friends) were never able to share our side and how George became for fear of him. There was a sermon about George in Portville Church a few weeks ago. It was about forgiving and forgetting - something he could never do and what actions happen when you live in a get even world. Family went thru heck being scared of him.

After this we all need to forgive - but not necessarily forget.

Again, thanks for letting me share. I am really glad you got to see him as a good person.

Fri Nov 17, 11:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to make a few clarifications...Funny how it was not mentioned about the affair his ex had in Virginia. His name was "Bill". That devastated George. He never cheated on her. Everyone who worked at Adelphia with his ex, said what a flirt she was. (Of course, that was before she stole $12,000 from Adelphia and was ultimately charged with that felony. (If only the feds knew about the other companies she stole from in Virginia, she would be in prison.)So... sorry to break the news to you... she is a thief, cheat and habitual liar. As far as the "stiches in the eye"? Is that when he tackled her in their front yard to stop her from shooting herself after George found out about the affair? She had a gun to her head. He saved her life. Now about the ex-girlfriend filing for Protection from Abuse... She was mad because George was calling it off. So she contacted his ex-wife to get back at him. Together they came up with a story to press charges against him. I am wondering what "family" member said "Thank God George could not produce more children". Must have been the "Ex" side of the family. George would have loved more children. He just didn't want more with his ex-wife, with all of the mental issues that run in her family. During the divorce proceedings, an evaluation was done, diagnosing his ex with several mental conditions...-unable to tell the truth, - unable to keep a relationship, - constantly blaming others for her actions... ( I wonder if her boyfriend Phil knows about these?)And from the "mouths of babes" a.k.a. - Taylor's friends, they say that Taylor "did not want to leave Port Allegany" (Too bad she did not have her friends during such a difficult time for a nine year old.) As far as the police officer on the scene? That police officer was not on the scene. He heard it on the scanner. That officer was contacted by George's ex-wife because that was the contact information that Olean General still had in the system. His ex told them to find Cheryl Brown because she knew where George's sister lived. His sister was already on her way to the hospital. She was contacted by a nurse at Olean General using George's cell phone. So.. I guess his sister was the first one contacted. I do not know of any family member that was afraid of George? Why would they be? Yes, his looks were intimidating, but his family knew he was nothing but a "Big Teddy Bear". Who ever is posting these comments against George.... Don't forget... "What goes around, comes around"...

Mon Nov 27, 10:21:00 PM  
Blogger Luanne said...

Anonymous: Thank you for your help in confirming what I already believed to be true about George. I always knew he was a good person and will always continue to believe and follow my gut instincts. I'm glad you found this blog and I appreciate your validation of what I already felt that I knew to be true. Thank you again. *smile*

Mon Nov 27, 11:51:00 PM  
Anonymous the one who knew him well said...

It is funny that someone posted this - they forgot about adding Georges affair two times before this with "Amy" and "Kathleen". This is why Kim cheated back on him to show him what it felt like. When in fact she should have just left George - two wrongs don't make a right and she paid dearly for it from George. Oh - and don't forget the drugs George brought into him and Kims life. The reason Kim stole money from Adelphia is support their drug habit. Which George had a bad one. She told Adelphia he had nothing to do with it so he could keep his job. Saved him and his reputation. Kim never lied to anyone after that incident if asked about it - other than that Georges involvement. he was well aware of it.... And if you are saying Kim took from other employers ??? How funny - the FBI is not that stupid - this person seems to be saying the FBI is.... hmmm -- they do background checks stupid - they ARE THE FBI DUMB ASS which means they call every employer you had. That is why she only got probation for a year - you don't take money and not do time especially if you did it before - what a idiot whoever published this comment.

And the story about the gun to the head??? good story George - he had plenty of them. Kim has the hospital records to show this happened (stitches to eye) - and Taylor had to ride in the ambulance with her....

If everyone needs to know everything - then they might as well know the TRUTH. At least Kim got help when she left George - saved her life. Georges family was helping him pay his bills, lie for him, cover his drug habit and his alcohol problem - that is why he is not here today. How do you make 55,000 a year - not pay your mortgage for four months before you die and run your moms credit card up 15,000 dollars in one year??? DRUGS GEORGE....If they had gotten him help he may still be here today. There is a word for this "KARMA". When you lie and don't face the truth about yourself you will never be free - it comes back and bites you in the ass.

As for Phil... he knew everything since day one when he met Kim - gave him the chance to stay or leave. Which he stayed - there is nothing you could tell him he doesn't already know - in fact has read and this webpage... he wanted to let everyone know of how crazy George was to him - in fact George threatened his life. At least Phil doesn't have to keep watching his back anymore including many other people that were afraid of him. Kim and Phil have been together a year and a half and are now engaged!!!! Kim has a wonderful new life ahead of her with someone who is of sane mind. Congrats Kim!!

Kim a flirt?? She was too afraid of her ex to flirt. You must be talking of his sister Karen who has slept with half the town. She should start working her way out of town b/c she's getting close to having slept with the almost everyone in Port.

Tue Nov 28, 10:45:00 AM  
Anonymous the one who knew him well said...

To Luanne... I am sorry that you feel his is all the truth. I don't blame you it if I was closer to him than his ex-wife since you did not know her. Just remember, there is three sides to every story ... his / hers / and the truth. Just be very careful when you make statements such as "I appreciate your validation of what I already felt that I knew to be true". When you don't really know the truth.

But, again this is your web page. Glad I was able to put my two cents down. Like I said before I am glad you got to see the good side of him - he should have just never kept lieing and living a crazy lifestyle....his family still today wants to validate his lies... Kim has nothing to hide - what happened - happened - and she learned a lot from it.

Tue Nov 28, 11:03:00 AM  
Anonymous the one who knew him well said...

I'm sorry - couldn't help to say one last thing!! Re-read the statement from anonymous and couldn't believe the one comment they made!! Said "During the divorce proceedings, an evaluation was done, diagnosing his ex with several mental conditions...-unable to tell the truth, - unable to keep a relationship, - constantly blaming others for her actions..." WELL... I saw both evaluations - and neither said this from either one. The FIRST evaluator in fact WON in KIMS favor and they had to go back to court in July b/c George fought it. IN FACT, Beth Scanlon, the port school therapist, wrote a letter stating why kim should have Taylor and not George. They had a second evaluator which George had to pay for and he suggested joint custody which be given - which they went with in July. Sooo... get the facts straight - there is no report stating the above. In fact the evaluator stated that both George and Kim had a lot of issues they needed to work on. Oh - and Phil has read all of the doucments from court thank you very much - he has no surprises!! Oh, I forgot Georges family likes to hide things and not tell the truth to the ones they love.

As far as mental issues - George is the one who was on Prozac and was prescribed by the VA and was to be taking it everyday since 1992. He has diagnosed mental issues. Instead of using Prozac he chose illegal drugs.

Oh, and last but not least, Karen -b/c I believe this is a family member writing this, your favorite AUNT DOLLY is a FELON too... and you seem to respect her alot.

I really need to stop trying to substantiate everything... it really does not mean anything in the long run. Everyone is still going to believe what they want to believe. I don't regret anything I said though.

Tue Nov 28, 01:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess we can all figure out who is posting these... There is only one person that would know some of this personal information.

Tue Nov 28, 06:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon - we're probably thinkin' the same thing :-)

Tue Nov 28, 07:09:00 PM  
Blogger Luanne said...

I don't care what all of ya all say. George was an awesome guy, had a huge heart and I know he cared about me as a friend. From what I witnessed at the funeral, his family loved him and will miss him. There was alot of work done to memorialize George and I was thankful that they shared so much of his life with those who attended the services. I didn't know him nearly as long as the rest of you have, but all that matters at this point, between we "adults" is to move forward and just "let it go".

Again, I wish Taylor the best and George's immediate family members too, because I've lost family members, not as tragically as we lost George, but young (my sister was 24), it wasn't easy and after all is said and done, it truly doesn't matter what we've been through in our lives, but how we choose to keep on living after they're gone. I truly believe that George lived life to the fullest and I can't fault him for that. Still say he was full of "piss and vinegar" *smile* and I mean that in a good way. :-) Can still see that shit eatin' grin and always wondered what he was thinkin'. He usually told me though, which makes our connection very special to me.

So Kim (as I suspect you are one of my posters here), please let this go and try to remember the good times. I do believe you must have a few good memories of your life together. Let go of the bitterness and hate that you have created from your experiences, whether real or imagined. I have no clue, but believe what I believe about George. It is not healthy for you or anyone else. And if you write back and say, "this is not Kim", I'll be like, whatever, it really makes no difference to me who's typing the words. It won't matter what you say or do, I'll still have George's back, because he was real, and always will be, because as I said earlier, he is no longer here to defend himself, so just let it go. There is no reason to get ugly. Takes away any goodness in the person who you are when you let ugliness consume you.

Peace to you.

Tue Nov 28, 07:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess everyone should know... Kim does more drugs than George ever did. She uses them to lose weight, since "appearence" is everything to her! She's not so sweet and innocent, as she would like everyone to believe.

Tue Nov 28, 07:31:00 PM  
Blogger tee said...

...YES! i agree w/ luanne and anonymous! MY NAME IS TINA, TEE on my space. I absolutely agree w/ luanne about all the 'rude' comments that have been left.
George was a great guy indeed! Others knew him longer than i, but he treated me very well and never hurt me. we had a special friendship and i will always hold that close to me. I honestly wish the very best for Taylor and George's side of the family always. God bless and many prayers! Let's live on... not in the moment of anger and regret!!!! >>> for whoever is posting the 'rude' comments! PLEASE!!!!

Wed Nov 29, 02:02:00 AM  
Anonymous the one who knew him well said...

Your right Luanne - this was not the place to air dirty laundry. You had every right to say what you knew of him. I have moved on but have not moved on from the horrible things and lies he has said about Kim in town and to others - not admitting to his own faults - but again this was not the place to share it.

There is just always two sides to every story and reasons as to why people do things. You started it off by saying that Taylor's mom took her from family and friends. Like I said before - Taylor was given a choice and she CHOSE to move. She is a happy go lucky kid - and very happy with Phil and Kim. I will truly stop - I shouldn't have even commented again.

And to anonymous -- c'mon what a ridiculous comment - especially since Kim had to have a drug test done twice a month for a year by probation - and oh my god - she passed every one. HOW STUPID ARE YOU. You must really think the FBI is really dumb - since they know EVERYTHING about me and George. Anhow, if caring about her image is so important then why does she admit to her faults - all in this column!!!

Tina - I know you had a good repore with George - he showed me all the nasty (sex invoked) instant messages you used to send him on his phone!! He used to share them with everyone at City Limits and laugh!

Signing off for good. THanks for letting me air my thoughts.

Wed Nov 29, 08:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Jim Bruzzi said...

Well I new George more then any one and was around the crazy bitch Kim. Yeah she (i mean the one who new him well) really didn't know him at all. I saw more powder going up her nose then any ones. I used to go out with the crazy witch and George all the time. As soon as George would walk away she was on a mission to find something. I seemed to recall sitting down one night with the wacko and telling her how i felt..
With George sitting next to me and nodding yes to everything i said. The person to defend kim does not know her like i did and would never defend her if they new the real Kim. Don't you find it kinda funny that she stold from adelphia and was prosecuted for it, but lets see who kept there job but George did. Because he had nothing to do with it. What kind of person breaks into a dead mans home but of course Kim does. What a sick-O. It really takes a piece of shit to talk shit about a dead man. But who ever new kim Oh i mean ( the one who new him well). would know she is the kind of person to run her mouth. I seemed to remember most of Georges and his ex's arguments would come about 2:30 when we would leave the bar and his ex was drunk and wanted some candy..and George just wanted to go home..You know this whole thing is just sickening to think you would say the things you said about a man that has passed away and can not defend himself ....Maybe some one feels guilty for really screwing up a good marriage....

Sat Dec 02, 11:02:00 PM  
Blogger Luanne said...

Jim, thank you for stopping by and adding your comments. Always nice to see George's friends steppin' up to the plate. I was noddin' my head in agreement with you. :-)

Sun Dec 03, 05:55:00 AM  
Blogger Luanne said...

Let me just add that I was nodding my head especially in regard to

"You know this whole thing is just sickening to think you would say the things you said about a man that has passed away and can not defend himself"

That is the part which saddens me the most in this whole thread.

Sun Dec 03, 06:09:00 AM  
Anonymous the one who knew him well said...

all because someone called you out to being his supplier. so sad..... from the words of a drug dealer... don't really take it to heart - jim bruzzi. comments coming from you don't really mean much in this world and what you wrote you know not to be true. but we'll all find out in the end - won't we?

Mon Dec 04, 12:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad that a tribute to a friend would turn into this. Regardless of what the details are, George is now gone and he is missed by those who were his friends. Those of us who were his friends know what a nice person he was and how much his daughter meant to him. As for the other, we should just consider the source.

Tue Dec 05, 06:25:00 PM  
Blogger Luanne said...

Thank you Anonymous. I couldn't agree with you more. At this point in time, it serves absolutely no purpose to continue feeling hatred towards someone who has passed. It really is a sad situation, all the way around and I still stand firm on what I had originally posted. George was my friend, always happy to see me and always greeted me with a friendly hug. He was such a great guy to me and each time I pass by the memorial which has been started for him, I will always remember the good times, laughter and smiles we shared as dear friends.

I encourage and welcome positive comments about George and the friendships that many of you have shared with him. He deserves that much from those of us who sincerely miss and cared about him.

If any of George's family from the Lee side (who loved George no matter what) are reading, please email me directly as I would be interested in chatting with you. If not, I'm sure I'll run into one of you at some point in the future.

Wed Dec 06, 10:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well All I Gotta say is if U feel Ill towards someone don't go on a site that was created by someone that loved and respected them. For these sites are for his family and friends to read and remember the good times with him. Not come here and read the nasty shit that is on here. Makes me sick to my stomach to think people have such hatred and disrepect for the dead. If ya wanna disrespect then make your own site to vent on, not one that was made for nice things and memories!!!

Thu Jan 04, 06:12:00 AM  
Blogger Luanne said...

I totally agree, however we live in the world of free speech (or so they say). Maybe the person saying all of the negative things needs a place to "let it go". It's unfortunate that they didn't have the same good relationship with George that it seems as though the rest of us may have had. I believe that the "nasty" things being posted are by George's EX wife, even though the poster claims it is simply a friend of the family. It disappoints me that it might be her, because when I met her a few years ago, she and I seemed to get along famously. I do hope that the ones who don't have those good feelings find peace. Life is too short to carry this kind of hatred for someone who is no longer here.

I too was in a bad relationship (only based on the posters claims) and I for one would never wish harm on anyone in a million years, however in regard to my own situation, I have to admit, I too would be happy as a clam if someone would put my offender out of his misery. Fortunately, I know I'm not the only one who feels that way about my offender, but I just never had those bad feelings about George and based on the showing at his funeral, he was loved by many, so this all simply baffles me. It just makes no sense. Makes me wonder if I'm not a very good judge of character and well, that's another story :-)

Thu Jan 04, 09:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No I think your a wonderful judge of character. I know in the time I got close to George he brought a light back to my life I wondered if it would ever be there again. It totally crushed me when I got the news he was gone. Like U said if he was sooo bad then he wouldnt have had as many friends show to his services as he did. I was there for all the services and it was packed. I hope people can realize life is short to have all this hatred and let things go. Let his friends and family go. let them have spots to come and have nice memories together of him. I for one have learned really hard and fast life is short live to make u happy. Dont hold grudges because one day u may be filled with guilt and regrets. I wish everyone the best and hope all the nasty things being said can be stopped so his family dont have to read it anymore. Lots of love

Thu Jan 04, 09:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess everyone has something to say! However, I knew George pretty well to know that he was a happy go lucky person who loved his daughter and just wanted to be happy! My husband and I went out with Kim and George several times, I loved George and he was always good to us and our children! I am familiar with his several girlfriends, but it seemed to me that he just couldnt find the right one for him! He only wanted to have Taylor, and you cant hate him for that she is a great little girl! I helped George with whatever I could, I always thougt he was a great guy! I would also say the one that knew him well will most likely be Kim Lee, or Kim Linn City Limits was what was my clue, but then in one of the comments they said "since they know EVERYTHING about me and George"! Anyway, we all loved George for different reasons, as far as I am concerned he never did anything to me, and my family and anyone that I know, I just hope ppl can forget what they believe to be the bad side of George and let him rest in peace!

Sat Jan 06, 05:26:00 PM  
Blogger holly said...

Just to make things clear! George was not my boyfrined ever! Not at any point in my life! He was good to my boys and thats all that counts! I CANNOT IMAGINE PEOPLE THAT TALK ABOUT A DEAD PERSON LIKE THIS! GET A LIFE!

Thu Mar 08, 03:54:00 PM  
Anonymous daughter said...

really it looks like im going to have to be an adult unlike all you people that dont have a life out there and talk about my dad like this. all i did to see this is stupid i typed in george lee to see if his website would come up and no it didnt this stupid thing did and know i am like crying bc of this, this is rediculous. keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself bc your never going to know who sees it wow i cant believe you people and this is coming from the person that lefy port allegany i didnt want to leave yes i love where i am now but i was in shock when it all happened i still cant believe hes gone and cant believe what you said about me not hearing any of this from me and dont talk about anyone like this and get a life! )': daddy i love you and wish i could spend lots of memories with you still

Wed Dec 15, 07:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Taylor, I know who said that awful stuff about your dad. I had the IP address traced at the time because I wanted to know who would say this about my brother. Some day we will talk about it.
Love ya kid,
Aunt Karen

Fri Dec 17, 07:43:00 PM  

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