Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm so EXCITED - I can hardly stand it!!

Van Halen has announced a summer tour for 2007, with David Lee Roth joining them for this reunion. I am so excited, as Van Halen (the David Lee Roth bunch) has been my all time favorite band. My friend Teressa and I, along with several other of our friends, saw Van Halen for the first time back in either 1978 or 1979 at the Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, NY. We were only 16 - 17 at the time and our very first concert in 'the big city' and our parents were concerned about letting us drive, let alone go to the concert alone in the big city of Buffalo. So my mom, drove 6 or 7 of us girls (yes, we were packed into the car) to Buffalo to watch the show. We were sooooo excited to be going and when we arrived, my Mom had brought along a book to read (she had NO ticket for herself) and ear plugs. She entered "The Aud" and asked a security person if there was a waiting area for parents to set and wait while their kids enjoyed the show. Well, the security man, took my mother and placed her in the secure booth, right off the stage, no ticket!! She had better seats than us girls did who were on the floor, about 20 rows back. Mom said she could have touched David Lee Roth because she was just that close to the stage. I remember her telling us girls, that that she could have reached right up there and pulled his pants right off. Now she tells me she might have embellished the story a little bit. lolol.

Now we just need to find out when and where they are playing. I suspect it will be difficult to get tickets because we aren't the only ones who are still living in the past, knowing that Van Halen was the greatest of all time. It's even possible we might take have to take along some ear plugs at this ripe ole age of 46. LOLOL.


And we'll never forget, Freitag's Liquor Store and stopping halfway up so that we could use the restroom and Sunny not being able to wait and peeing in the sink in the bathroom. What a crazy woman!! lolol What wonderful memories. Oh, the good ole days.

More interesting facts about this awesome band!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is way cool, but I heard that Michael Anthony won't be on the tour.

Thu Mar 22, 08:08:00 PM  
Blogger Luanne said...

I know what you mean, it just wouldn't be the same w/out Michael. Since I wrote this post, I also heard that the tour is not going to happen. Apparently Eddie and DLR still aren't able to meet in the middle. It's really unfortunate. If they could only just do it for their fans. Think of the boatloads of money they could make off of us LOLOL

Fri Mar 23, 11:19:00 AM  

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